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Walrus from Space Live Lesson

Register your class for a free live lesson to find out all you need to know about our wonderful walrus and how you can become Walrus Detectives to help WWF and BAS. For primary school students.

The climate crisis is having a significant impact on the Arctic, with this polar region warming almost three times faster than the global average. Walrus rely on sea ice, but the warming world is melting the ice from beneath them.

Explore the regions where walrus live, discover adaptations walrus have for staying warm in the chilly Arctic, find out what walrus like to eat for dinner and discover how you can become Walrus Detectives to help WWF and BAS monitor walrus populations by searching for walrus in thousands of satellite images taken from space!

  • Dates: Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (subject to availability)
  • Lesson duration: 45 Min
  • Venue: Virtually; using Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • Cost: FREE

Amy Ball

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Walrus from Space: Learning Objectives

  • Understand how climate change is affecting polar environments and the wildlife that live there
  • Recall some of the adaptations walrus have for living in polar climates
  • Understand how we can monitor populations of endangered animals using satellite imagery.