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Green Ambassador Storybooks

Our Green Ambassador storybook series are designed to introduce 5-7 year olds to key environmental ideas in a fun and accessible way.

Storybooks for pupils aged 5 - 7 years

Each storybook focuses on one Green Ambassador character and the environmental theme that they represent. 

The books are designed for group reading sessions led by the teacher – or TA – and is intended to link to curriculum topics relevant to 5-7 year olds. With age appropriate text, stunning illustrations and activity ideas, these simple stories encourage young children to think about the natural world and what they can do to protect our beautiful planet.

There are examples of activities for school and home at the end of each book, as well as a new vocabulary list. Supporting teacher notes are provided, and you will find useful background information about the ideas introduced in the respective storybook to help you incorporate them into your lesson planning and to answer pupils’ questions.

Smith and the healthy meter

This delightful storybook introduces Smith, one of WWF’s ‘Green Ambassadors’ who looks remarkably like an apple! Smith knows everything about food – what’s good for us AND for the planet.

Switch and the energy savers

Switch and the Energy Savers is the second in our series of children’s storybooks and aims to explore the real difference children can make to energy use in their lives, and to open the way for classroom discussions of where energy comes from.

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