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Continuing Professional Development

Since 1981, WWF have been supporting teachers and schools in their efforts to address Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). We're also passionately committed to supporting the Continuing Professional Development of teachers, which is why we've developed a free online CPD courses for educators. 

Education for a sustainable planet

WWF's new learning pathway, which will be available via Microsoft's Learn Platform in May 2022, aims to help you further your understanding of sustainability and equip you with relevant information, tools, and tips from other skilled practitioners, to make ESD a cornerstone of your teaching practice and of the school community.

The course uses stunning photos and inspirational videos from the Our Planet series (created by WWF, Netflix and Silverback Films) to bring the story of our planet to life. It is designed for primary and secondary teachers and all those who want to develop a whole school approach to education for sustainable development, and thus play a vital role in steering society towards a sustainable future.