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Teacher Development

We're committed to supporting the professional development of teachers and leaders.

Continuing Professional Development

Since 1981, WWF have been supporting teachers and schools in their efforts to address Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). We're also passionately committed to supporting the Continuing Professional Development of teachers, which is why we've developed a free online CPD courses for educators. 

Education for a Sustainable Planet

WWF's acclaimed on-demand teacher CPD training has moved to its new home on WWF's global learning platform, WWF Academy. It continues to be free to all.

This learning journey consists of four stand-alone online courses, each taking no longer than an hour to complete. Each is certificated. To capture and build on your learning as you follow the learning journey you can download our Reflection Journal and build up a valuable resource for future reference.

This training will build up your understanding of the role education can play in shaping a sustainable future, improve your skills and confidence in covering climate and sustainability topics with students and supporting them to find agency in the fight against climate change, and provide you with practical tools and knowledge to embed a whole school approach to sustainability in your school or college.

Course 1: Driving change towards sustainable schools
The whole-school approach to embedding sustainability across school/college life

Course 2: Making Connections
Key sustainable concepts and systems thinking techniques for teachers and students

Course 3: Encouraging Active and Participatory Learning
Supporting & enabling student-led action for sustainability

Course 4: Empowering Young People to Take Action
Techniques for enabling and encouraging student projects and actions for the planet


NB in some browsers you may find the WWF Academy platform loads in German as default. Toggle from 'DE' to 'EN' in the menu bar to switch to English.