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Our new classroom resource: Tiger Tales

Our new tiger resource pack encourages 7 to 11 year olds to find out more about this iconic animal, the threats it faces, and empower them to develop their own ideas and opinions on environmental issues through creative and persuasive writing.

Simple activities are provided to help pupils develop their understanding of the natural world and to reflect on how their own actions can help shape the future. You can download our FREE taster resource, or sign up to receive the full resource, plus loads of fun tiger-themed activities for your pupils.

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Make a colourful tiger mask

The tiger is the biggest, the most iconic, and one of the most endangered of all the big cats. They can make a huge range of sounds including growls, roars, moans, snarls, chuffs, hisses and gasps – probably to communicate to other tigers. Why not share your love for these incredible creatures by making your own colourful tiger mask and let everyone hear your mighty roar!

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In my lifetime, tiger populations declined, but are now on the up. That’s quite incredible. However, the threats remain, and we need to do all we can to help achieve the very ambitious goal of doubling the number of tigers in the wild by 2022.

Becci May, Tigers & asian species regional manager

Why tigers are so important

As top predators, tigers help to keep their environment healthy.

It’s the way things naturally work in the wild – the predators prey on other animals, in this case herbivores (plant-eaters) such as deer. But without enough tigers to eat them, herbivores can overgraze and damage the land, disrupting the balance of the local environment. 

Local people also depend on a healthy environment for food, water and lots of other resources. By helping protect tigers we’re also helping look after the places where they live, which is good for all the people and wildlife sharing that environment.


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