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Nature needs your voice

Beneath the surface of our spectacular landscape, the evidence shows that Welsh nature is in catastrophic decline. As we leave the EU’s environmental protections behind – the Welsh Government must act now to restore our precious natural heritage.

Brexit offers the Welsh Government a once in a life time opportunity to retain and strengthen the laws derived from the EU. An important part of Brexit’s potential impact on the environment is the right of ordinary citizens to hold Governments to account and to complain to the European Commission to ensure the government is effectively delivering environmental law.

The European Commission can investigate, require action from the Government and take them to court if they do not act. This was used to challenge Government decisions or inaction on issues from Harbour Porpoise protection to Air Quality. We must retain this right to challenge governments or nature will pay the price. If we leave the EU on March 29th, then we risk losing this right which will mean we will have no watchdog to hold Welsh Government to account.

Following the 2016 referendum we welcomed the Welsh Government’s commitment to retaining EU principles, which guide the development of new laws and policies and decisions. We must now see these principles, such as the polluter must pay for any damage they cause, incorporated into Welsh law to ensure the environment does not suffer.

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