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Government Policy

Our work to tackle climate change takes place all round the world, but the UK is a particularly important player because of our world-leading climate legislation. As a result, the UK provides an example for other industrialised countries to follow.

We're working with our leading scientific institutions, climate change experts, businesses, and civil society to produce the evidence and campaigns we need to convince Governments in the Westminster, Wales and Scotland to take ambitious action that will deliver their commitments on tackling climate change.

Find out more about our climate work in Scotland and Wales.


Burning fossil fuels to make electricity is the single biggest source of CO2 emissions in the UK. So it’s vital that we phase out fossil fuels as quickly as possible and instead move towards a 100% renewable future by 2050. We’re working to ensure a transition to an efficient energy system focused on clean, renewable energy sources such as wind, wave and solar power, and backed up by electricity storage and demand flexibility.

We’re also working to promote a coherent approach to the bioeconomy, with climate policy geared towards the most efficient, effective and sustainable uses of renewable biomass from farms, forests and wastes – not just for energy but across the economy.

Low Carbon Living

We aren't just working internationally on targets for reducing climate change, or focusing on big dirty power stations (though clearly all these things are hugely important). We are building a better, more sustainable world for people and our wonderful planet.

In the UK, for example, a significant proportion of our carbon emissions come from heating our homes and our transport systems. We're working to make sure we can all live in a lower carbon way- from more efficient buildings to better public transport systems, from sustainable diets to helping businesses reduce their carbon.

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