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Creating healthy and sustainable meals, good for people and planet alike

WWF and Sodexo are celebrating working together for 10 years, and 2020 sees us launch a brand new phase of this industry-leading partnership to reduce Sodexo’s carbon footprint. 


Growing, producing and importing food has a huge impact on our planet: it drives habitat and biodiversity loss, uses massive amounts of water, and contributes to climate change. Western diets – high in meat, dairy and processed food – are particularly inefficient and resource-intensive. There is simply not enough land or resources for us to carry on eating like this: radical changes are needed to fix the global food system.

That’s where Sodexo comes in. One of the world’s largest contract caterers, Sodexo serves a million meals each day in the UK alone, in schools, hospitals, universities, workplaces and more.

Our partnership with Sodexo presents a huge opportunity to make a positive impact on the health of the planet as well as the health of Sodexo’s customers – and to drive larger changes in the food system.


Since 2010 we’ve been working around the world with Sodexo to reduce the company’s environmental impact. In the UK these efforts have been focused on creating more sustainable menu choices.

By combining WWF’s Livewell principles for a sustainable diet with Sodexo’s own commitments under its Better Tomorrow ethos, we’re working together to create tasty, low-carbon meals that meet people’s nutritional needs.

Importantly, Sodexo is also demonstrating to the rest of the catering industry that taking this approach can be good for business too.


Sodexo have launched a Green & Lean range featuring meals that are:

  • Balanced – made up of two-thirds vegetables, pulses and grains
  • Sourced responsibly – with seasonal fruit and vegetables, and certified and sustainable meat and fish
  • Crafted with healthier ingredients.

Our groundbreaking Catering for Sustainability report sets out the clear business case for sustainable meals, showing that adopting sustainable menus can improve profits and reduce supply chain risks – as well as helping to save the planet.

We piloted the Finer Diner at universities across UK and Republic of Ireland in 2019 – a pop up food stall introducing students to plant-based alternatives to their favourite treat meals like tacos, kebabs and curry.  

We’ve also co-created a global guide to sustainable eating to inform recipe development across the Sodexo Group.