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What we’re doing with Sodexo

Sodexo is one of the world’s largest contract caterers with operations in over 80 countries across the globe. In the UK alone, Sodexo serves a million meals a day in places such as schools, hospitals, prisons and workplace canteens.

We've been working globally with Sodexo since 2010 to reduce the impact of their business on the environment. In the UK, we are reducing the environmental impact of the meals they serve by creating more sustainable menu choices. By applying WWF’s Livewell principles for a sustainable diet and combining them with Sodexo’s commitments under its Better Tomorrow ethos, we’ve created a bank of meals that are balanced, crafted with healthier ingredients and responsibly sourced.

Why we're doing it

The food we eat has a major impact on our planet. Growing, producing and importing food contributes significantly to climate change, is a driving force behind habitat and biodiversity loss and is also a huge drain on water resources.

Our Western diets high in meat, dairy and processed foods are a key driver of unsustainable production practices and a major cause of the global obesity crisis. That’s why helping to develop a sustainable food system for healthy people and a healthy planet is one of our priorities.

Our partnership with Sodexo presents a huge opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment as well as on the health of Sodexo’s customers.

Green & Lean meals

We’ve recently teamed up with Sodexo to create Green & Lean meals; a range of healthier and more sustainable menu choices that bring together WWF’s Livewell principles and Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow ethos.

Green and Lean meals are:

  • Balanced – made up of 2/3 vegetables, pulses and grains
  • Sourced responsibly – with seasonal fruit and vegetables, and certified and sustainable meat and fish
  • Crafted with healthier ingredients – made with wholegrains, dairy products lower in fat and sugar and salt are added sparingly.

By making simple switches, we can deliver meals that are better for us and the planet.

Catering for Sustainability

WWF-UK, Sodexo UK & Ireland and the Food Ethics Council have produced the report, Catering for Sustainability, which sets out a clear business case for sustainable meals – and shows that adopting sustainable menus can improve business revenues and profits, and mitigate supply chain risks.

In the UK 43.6% of all expenditure on food and drink is spent on out of home catering. In 2015 this equated to £87.4 billion. Given its size and reach the food service industry is affected by the global food system and is vulnerable to health, economic and environmental challenges.

Sustainable diets are a key part of the future of the food service sector. This report is the first time anyone has demonstrated the beneficial nature of sustainable diets to businesses and their customers.

Read the full Catering for Sustainability report.

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