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Take action on climate change.

Recent polls show that one of the top concerns for young people today is environmental issues. But the biggest barrier to stopping climate change and biodiversity loss is the failure of politicians and big business to act. The recent school strikes demonstrate the passion with which young people are mobilising globally.

Back-to-School, gives young people the opportunity to take action on climate change and biodiversity loss within the school setting.

Secondary School Classroom Resources

This new climate change resource offers students the opportunity to lead, ask questions and take action, all framed in a real-life context. This pack includes an assembly presentation, classroom activities, and a suite of campaigning resources. Each activity is designed to last up to 1 hour, is curriculum linked and comes with step by step instructions. You could use this as a whole school activity for an off-timetable day, incorporate within PSHE and citizenship lessons, or use with a school eco-club.

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