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Did you know that wild tiger numbers have plummeted by over 95% in the last century? Three of the nine tiger subspecies are already extinct and there are more tigers in captivity in the USA than there are in the wild. Poaching for their parts which are seen as status symbols or used in traditional Asian medicine, and loss of habitats are the main threats to the tiger.

Our new tiger resource pack will enable your group to find out more about this iconic animal, the threats it faces, and empower them to develop their own ideas and opinions on environmental issues through creative activities and games.

LOVE what you do. The children are naturally interested in the natural world and what they can do to protect it, and it's fabulous that WWF is providing Leaders with the resources and activities to encourage this.

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Tiger themed activities

Simple activities are provided to help young people develop their understanding of the natural world and to reflect on how their own actions can help shape the future.

We've also got a series of fun and engaging craft activities and games, including our "Run around tiger quiz" and "WWF's ranger game" for your members to enjoy. To access these tiger themed resources - and be kept up to date on the launch of our new leader support pack -  simply register your group online.

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Learn more about tigers

The tiger is one of the largest of the ‘big cats’ and the only striped cat which makes them instantly recognisable. They are at the top of the food chain in the wild.

By registering to access our Tiger Stripes resources, you'll also get access to our hugely popular Tiger Explore edition and fact sheets. It's packed full of fascinating facts, engaging activities, and information on how we can all help to safeguard their futures.