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The scheme offers a series of practical activities that will enable your group to explore the links between wildlife, the environment and our lifestyles.

It's developed around six topical issues, meaning leaders have the flexibility to choose a subject that's relevant to their group and their area. Each theme is fronted by one of our friendly Green Ambassador characters - Crush (waste), Switch (energy), Tap (water), Smith (food), Leafy (plants and animals), and Wheel (transport) - who will guide you along your Green Ambassador 4 Youth journey.

We have used the fantastic Green Ambassadors 4 Youth resources to compliment other activities that we have been doing and we're hoping to earn our badges in the very near future!

2nd West Hampstead Brownies, London


Our Green Ambassador activities are designed for all ages and to enable your group members to explore the issues at hand, including links to their own lives.

Allowing members to take practical action, at home, at their meeting place and in the community; encouraging them to share stories, celebrate their achievements and encourage others to have a go!

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Leaders can now reward their groups after they've completed their activities.  

If you have completed five activities from a single theme, including at least one activity from each stage (Get informed, Get involved, Get sharing), then your group members have earned a Green Ambassador 4 Youth badge. Complete three or more themes and you’ll also receive our special Green Ambassadors 4 Youth VIP badges!

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