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Our Planet: Too Big To Fail

How can the finance sector join the fight for our world? 

Watch our new finance film

Based on the success of Our Planet: Our Business and the Our Planet series, WWF and Silverback Films have teamed up again to create a new film for business – this time for the finance sector. Our Planet: Too Big To Fail explores the risks of inaction, the impact of investing-as-usual, and the role the finance sector can play powering a sustainable future. Using the stunning Our Planet footage from the Netflix series and a series of thought-provoking interviews with some of the most influential names in the sector, Our Planet: Too Big To Fail shows that it is fundamental to transform the finance sector towards global efforts to solve the climate and nature crisis.

Hear from climate champions Mark Carney and Tavaziva Madzinga, pioneers in sustainable finance Hiro Mizuno, Bevis Watts and Steve Waygood, leading figures in economics Sir Partha Dasgupta and Kate Raworth, and campaigners Richard Curtis and Catherine Howarth, amongst others on the threats to our global economy and the catastrophic risk to our financial systems if we choose to ignore these threats. 

Join the conversation #OurPlanetTooBigToFail 

Host a screening where you work

How about hosting a screening of Our Planet:Too Big To Fail at work to help raise awareness of climate change and nature loss amongst your colleagues? It is also a great way to brainstorm areas where your business can get involved and a hance to share plans for future work and celebrate your successes as an organisation so far.

There are many ways to set up your event depending on the desired format (physical, virtual or hybrid), on your audience and their level of knowledge on the topic. To get ideas on how to structure your event and to see how other businesses have hosted events like this, take a look at our screenings microsite for guidance. To enquire about a WWF speaker for your event, please contact us. 


Interviewees and contributors include:

  • Sir David Attenborough
  • Mark Carney (while in capacity as Governor, Bank of England)
  • Hiro Mizuno (while in capacity as Executive Managing Director and CIO, Government Pension Investment Fund Japan)
  • Richard Curtis (Co-founder, Make My Money Matter)
  • Professor Sir Partha Dasgupta (Head of HM Treasury’s Economics of Biodiversity Review)
  • David Blood (Co-founder of Generation Investment Management), Gillian Tett (Co-founder of FT Moral Money and Editor at Large in the Americas, Financial Times)
  • Kate Raworth (Economist and Author of Doughnut Economics)
  • Bevis Watts (CEO at Triodos Bank UK)
  • Tavaziva Madzinga (CEO of Swiss Re UK & Ireland)
  • Catherine Howarth (Chief Executive of ShareAction)
  • Jeremy Coller (CIO of Coller Capital and Founder of FAIRR)
  • Steve Waygood (Chief Responsible Investment Officer at Aviva Investors)
  • Raymond Dhirani (Head of Sustainable Finance, WWF-UK)
  • Elsa Palanza (Global Head of Sustainability & ESG at Barclays)
  • Galia Benartzi (Co-founder of Bancor)
  • Jessica Cheam (Founder and Managing Director Eco-Business)
  • Kongjiang Yu (Professor of Design at Peking University and Author of Sponge Cities)

The 5 goals for the finance sector

The film calls on the finance sector to pursue 5 overarching goals to help the environmental crisis

1.Understand and minimise your risks

Commit to reporting all your environment, social, governance (ESG) and climate risks (through the TCFD and support the creation of the TNFDs).

2.Declare and halt your negative impact

Over the next decade we need to halve greenhouse gas emissions and align to the Paris targets, halt the destruction of nature, and invest in restoring the natural capital that drives our economies.

3. Consider all stakeholders in decision-making

Align investments with the values of savers so that the impact on people and planet is prioritised alongside financial returns

4.Seize new opportunities

Ensure all investments and lending have positive impact on people and planet.

5.Help build the new system we need

Commit to working across sectors and with government to devise policies and frameworks that accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy.

What we want you to do?

If you want to dig deeper on these issues and/or find out how you can apply the 5 universal goals within your institution, please get in touch, we can help. 

WWF is asking for the finance sector and policymakers to understand the urgency and to come together to tackle the threats the world faces in this coming decade. If you would like to be part of this movement in the run up to COP 26, please get in touch.

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