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All businesses depend on nature. The planet provides our societies with all the things we need for free: clean air and water, food, soil, a benign climate, productive seas.

But the global loss of nature is making the planet less stable and is already costing our economies trillions of dollars every year.

Experts say we have to make drastic changes to avoid catastrophic changes to our planet. But it can be done if we reimagine ‘business as usual’.

Wherever you work, whatever sector you work in, you can fight for your world by working towards the five goals below and sharing this film with the people you work with.


How to build a sustainable future

Every business needs to follow five principles to restore nature and help build a stable future for our planet.

Zero carbon

Successful businesses will embrace the clean technologies that now exist to replace fossil fuels.

Minimise the space we use

Sustainable businesses will help us reduce our impact on land, employing new technologies to produce as much as possible from as little as possible, growing crops on already deforested land, logging and managing forests selectively.

Return the ocean to good health

Future businesses will respect the ocean as a resource that belongs to us all, only taking what it can naturally replace.

Eliminate waste

Next generation businesses will design their product lines to fit within circular economies.

Reimagine success

One of the most damaging elements of today’s society is the quest for perpetual growth at all costs. A reinvented model of ‘business as usual’ will allow us to thrive and grow sustainably, adapting within the finite world around us.