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Our world is under threat like never before, with some of our most iconic wildlife threatened with extinction, demand for natural resources increasing, and climate change posing a huge threat to people, wildlife and our planet.

We're working all around the world to protect species and habitats and enable communities to live in harmony with nature. We have the skills, knowledge and expertise to implement quality projects and make sustainable and lasting change. But we know we can have so much more of an impact by working together with like-minded individuals who are as equally committed to preserving our planet as we are.

In addition to contributing financially to our priority programmes, you can leverage your gift by championing our work and inspiring other like-minded individuals in your network to give. The generous support of our philanthropists is pivotal as we seek to promote, protect and preserve our natural world.

Why choose WWF?

Sir Richard Kleinwort, Bt, DL

Trustee of the Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust, WWF Ambassador

“My grandfather, Ernest Kleinwort was invited to become a Trustee of the World Wildlife Fund in 1962 by Sir Peter Scott. He chaired the first ever City Appeal to which he himself contributed substantial funds to “lead by example”. Sir Peter Scott and others used to underline his importance to the fundraising cause with the phrase “the importance of seeing Ernest”. Supporting the work of WWF is therefore in our DNA and today the Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust, run by three of Ernest and Joan’s grandchildren, is proud to continue that close connection.”

Jon Ingram

Trustee, The Ingram Trust

“Over the years we’ve been able to support projects to help WWF protect the environment, safeguard wildlife and change people’s lives. We like that WWF combines a genuine passion for the natural world with a deep scientific understanding and strategic approach to its conservation projects. The team are passionate about what they do, and we’ve been privileged to experience some of their conservation work first-hand. We’ve counted dolphins in the Inner Hebrides and we’ve accompanied WWF scientists on a jaguar collaring mission in the Brazilian Amazon, which was an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

Our philanthropy team is happy to answer questions and tailor funding options to meet your specific interests. Please email or call us at (+44) 01483 412424.