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Earth Hour Scotland

Saturday 25th March 8.30pm 

Together we are part of a global movement for action on the climate and nature emergency.

Boys in a homemade tent

What is Earth Hour

On Saturday 25 March at 8.30pm, join millions of people across the globe as they unite to show they care about people and the planet. 

Together, we can help make it normal to live sustainably. Eating a more planet-friendly diet, choosing an ethical bank or divesting your pension, talking about climate change, sharing tips with friends, organising as a community, calling for change from businesses and politicians – it all adds up.

Will you join the global movement for action on the climate and nature emergency this Earth Hour?

For Your World Earth Hour


Download the My Footprint app and take on a challenge. 

Listen to Call of the Wild, WWF-UK's podcast hosted by Cel Spellman. 

Encourage friends and family to take part in Earth Hour by spreading the word to your networks. #EarthHourScotland 

During Earth Hour

During Earth Hour, here are some actions you can take to be part of the change:

Switch off and take an hour to reflect on what nature means to you. 

Put your phone on do-not-disturb, press play on our Earth Hour Spotify playlist and enjoy some down time to yourself. 

Use the hour to move your money by choosing an ethical bank or divesting your pension.

Catch up on episodes of Wild Isles, a new landmark natural history series co-produced by WWF.

Get crafty with our DIY homemade nature lantern.

Share how you’re spending the hour with us on social media using #EarthHourScotland. Join our Facebook event and connect with others taking part. 

switch off for your world