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Make a change.

Use your voice and make a change

We are the first generation to fully understand we are destroying the world. And the last that can do anything about it.

We, the people of the world, call on our leaders to urgently make an Emergency Declaration for the Planet. We must all commit to actions that will tackle climate change, restore nature, and fix the food system, which is the biggest driver of global nature loss.

Earth Hour Scotland

In Scotland, every year thousands of us take part in Earth Hour. By making pledges to help our planet, and by being part of a movement of hundreds of millions more around the globe, we can show we’re fighting for our world. 

We are the first generation to know we are destroying the world. And we could be the last that can do anything about it. We have the solutions, we just need our voices to be heard.  

That’s why Earth Hour is so vital – it gives a powerful voice to people everywhere who want to put the world on the path to recovery.   

Scotland’s iconic landmarks – such as Edinburgh Castle, Forth Rail Bridge and Kelpies – join those around the world in switching off lights as a visual display of their commitment. And you can switch off too.  

Join the global movement this Earth Hour – switch off your lights and be part of the change. 


Earth Hour Local Authorities 2019

Find out how to get your local community involved in #EarthHourScotland with the Local Authorities toolkit. Inside the toolkit you can find useful advice on engagement ideas, events and social media.

Local Authorities Toolkit Template Press Release for Local Authorities

Earth Hour Landmarks 2019

How iconic buildings and landmarks can get involved in the switch off for Earth Hour. Information on how to engage people with the campaign and gain press coverage around you event.

Landmarks Toolkit Template Press Release for Landmarks

Earth Hour Public Bodies 2019

Explore ways to get people involved in #EarthHourScotland as a Public Body with this toolkit. Also find out how to get involved with #PassThePanda.

Public Bodies Toolkit Template Press Release for Public Bodies

Earth Hour Businesses 2019

Showcase your business's actions on environmental issues by getting involved in Earth Hour Scotland. 

Buisnesses Toolkit Template Press Release for Businesses

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