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1. Go battery free! Batteries are hard to get rid of and usually end up in landfill, where they can leak harmful chemicals into the local environment.  

2. Gift an experience. Cut down on buying material gifts with an experience for your loved ones and make this Christmas a memorable one by doing something together.

How about tickets to see Our Planet live in concert with full orchestra and exclusive on screen narration by the legendary broadcaster David Attenborough?

3. Buy Less. Last year people in the UK received 70 million unwanted Christmas gifts. By buying less gifts you could reduce the amount of waste you contribute to and its good for your wallet. Try doing Secret Santa with your family and friends. 

4. Bring your own bags. We all dread the Christmas shop, so at least try to make it a bit more sustainable by using eco-bags instead of plastic. 

5. Adopt an animal. From Orang-Utans to Tigers, we have a wide range of animals for you to adopt for a guilt-free gift.  

6. Still struggling? Check out our Green Gift Guide for our range of sustainable alternatives. 


7. Cut your food waste. The food production is the biggest cause of tropical deforestation. Try to cut any waste by planning ahead - be realistic about how much food you really need and use up leftovers.  

It’s inevitable that there will be leftover food, but make sure you aren’t covering it all in plastic. There’s loads of eco-friendly alternatives such as Tupperware, foil or beeswax covers!

8. Reduce the meat you eat. Eating more vegetables is good for you and the planet. There are lots of meat alternatives around these days, meaning you won’t miss out on the big day.  

9. Know where your food comes from. The food we eat shouldn’t cost the Earth – but it often does. We need to know where our food is coming from, so we can be sure that it isn’t contributing to deforestation. Sign our petition to demand the UK Government end the importation of goods that have caused deforestation. 


10. Wrap don’t scrap. Buy FSC certified wrapping paper so you can recycle it once it’s used. Or you can use what you have around the house such as newspaper, brown paper or even a scarf! Remember that you can’t recycle ribbon or tape. Make sure you remove any extra decoration before recycling FSC certified wrapping paper. Or you could try going tapeless. Try wrapping presents in an inventive way to reduce the need for any tape! 

11. Think about your lights. Use LED lights on your Christmas tree, they use less energy and look just as good! Also, switch off your lights at night, its safer and won’t cost the earth.  

12. Don’t forget the tree! Buying an artificial tree will contribute to plastic waste and buying a real Christmas tree is more environmentally-friendly than a fake one. Just make sure you buy an FSC certified tree so it is responsibly sourced. Be clear on how to dispose of your tree once the season is over, or if its potted – just replant it! 

13. Sew your own tree decorations. We sell DIY Christmas decorations, which make a great tree ornament and can double-up as a present. It’s made from felt that is made from recycled water bottles and the thread from plants making it a totally sustainable product. 

Out and about

14. Dressing for the party season. Tis’ the season to get merry - which might mean that you feel like you need to find something new to wear. This year, choose the sustainable option and try to use clothing that you already have! If you really can’t find anything to wear, then have a look around a second-hand store for your new Christmas party outfit. 

15. Reconnect to nature. The festive season is all about spending time with friends and family. Try making one of your festive activities a walk around your local park or nature reserve. Winter is a great time to spot all sorts of over-wintering birds. 

And you can take on The Big Winter Wander if you’d like to reconnect with nature and raise funds for WWF at the same time!