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Commenting on the decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, Tanya Steele, CEO of WWF, said:

It is hugely disappointing that President Trump is making the mistake of rowing back on the Paris Agreement. Climate change is a very real global issue that affects the successful future of our planet. Pulling out of Paris will make it harder for the world to reach a safer and more prosperous future.

“Most people in the UK (84%) want the Prime Minister to convince President Trump to stay true to what was agreed in Paris and we urge the next UK Government to press for the USA to urgently re-join the Agreement. We must forge ahead together to develop and deliver ambitious plans to meet our international commitments.  It is what the public wants, what makes economic sense and it is what the world needs in order to safeguard the lives of future generations.

“The Paris Agreement is more important than just one country and with 196 other signatories it will continue to work towards a low carbon, sustainable future.  The Trump Administration must not only back the Agreement but be a driving force in tackling climate change.”