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Regular donations are vital to fund our work protecting endangered wildlife and habitats, and meeting the urgent threats to our living planet. By donating through payroll giving, you can make your money go even further.

An easy way to make your money go further

Payroll giving is a hassle-free way of making a weekly or monthly donation to WWF. And because the tax isn’t taken off, what you give is worth an extra 20%. It’s really simple - your employer will deduct the amount you choose from your salary each week or month before tax is taken.

For every £1 you give, we’ll receive an extra 20p - so a donation of £12 per month would actually cost you just £10! (at the standard tax rate of 20%) 

Payroll giving is available to everyone who pays UK income tax and is employed by a UK organisation.

Set up payroll giving today

Its quick and east to set up a regular donation through payroll giving.

All you need to do is fill in the online form.

 Your donation will continue until you either ask your employer for it to stop or unless you leave your current employer, at which point the donations will end automatically

 If you have any questions, please call our supporter care team on 01483 426333 or email


Data protection

The data you supply will be used to enable your payroll giving donations to be received by WWF-UK. To do so, we will pass your details on to a Payroll Giving agent who has a contract with your employer, and who will process your donations. If you would like further information about how these donations are processed or to change any information, please contact WWF-UK. Payroll Giving Management Services will have your data on file, but neither WWF-UK or PGMS will share this data with any third parties.