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Work for Good 

You can help fight for your world through your sales and services by using Work for Good. Work for Good is an online platform helping to embed charitable giving into your business in ways that work best for you; you can donate a day of your time, a percentage of your fee, a set amount when you hit a target – or whatever and however you want. It’s simple, just follow these three steps:  

  1. Sign up – create your free account here 
  2. Make a donation – select WWF-UK and set up your donation 
  3. Tell everyone how amazing you are! Share your achievements on your website, social media and promotional materials. 

For more information on how Work for Good works and how your business can get involved, click here.  

"The Work for Good platform has been instrumental in enabling us to donate to WWF. Especially in the earlier days as a small start up, it meant we could donate to an amazing charity, without going through the lengthy processes involved in setting up a full partnership. We have been able to donate over £25,000 to WWF through the platform, which has led us on to having a direct relationship with the charity, receiving a number of benefits such as engaging with WWF on social media, publicising our donations online and also being able to make ad hoc requests for support on PR content such as testimonials and video content."

Sebastian Hansen, Head of Partnerships at Raffolux

Third-Party Fundraising

If you'd like WWF-UK to be a beneficiary charity on your platform, please get in touch via the orange 'contact us' button below, so we can discuss this in more detail. At WWF-UK we are very open to getting involved with a range of businesses and platforms, but we must ensure they align to our charity mission and values, and comply with our ethical and environmental criteria. We may also be able to provide materials and resources to support your platform and collaborate further following a discussion.

One-Off Donations

If you'd like to make a one-off donation from your business then we would, of course, be very grateful. To coordinate this properly, please contact us using the orange 'contact us' button below. By contacting us we can thank you appropriately and explore opportunities to collaborate more in the future. 

Payroll Giving

Tax-free giving through your pay, also known as Payroll Giving or Give As You Earn, is the most cost-effective way of supporting WWF. Learn more and sign up here

Get In Touch

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