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Financing Sustainable Ecosystems

We work with partners to develop innovative financial mechanisms to channel private investment towards activities that promote more sustainable ecosystems.


Landscape Finance: WWF-UK is a supporting partner of the Unlocking Forest Finance (UFF) project led by the Oxford-based Global Canopy Programme. The project aims to catalyse proactive investment in the natural capital of Brazil and Peru, by investing in sustainable land use, conservation and sustainable livelihoods at the sub-national level. Read more at the Financing Sustainable Landscapes page (external link) >>


Forest policies: In 2016, we released a study that shows how global banks can contribute to the fight against deforestation in the Amazon. By putting in place strong social, environmental and governance policies, banks can ensure they avoid lending to companies whose practices are driving deforestation and instead promote sustainable business practices. And by doing this, they help protect both people and planet. Read our 'Banking on the Amazon' report >>