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Biodiversity Risk

Our World Heritage Site report: 'Safeguarding Outstanding Natural Value' is our joint report with Aviva Investors and Investec Asset Management, launched in September 2015. This report focuses on the role of institutional investors in protecting natural World Heritage sites from extractive activity.


SIGHT tool: WWF-SIGHT enables us to engage at an early stage with governments, companies and investors. It allows us to enter into constructive dialogue about alternative and more sustainable land-use and development scenarios that would avoid possible damage to wildlife and habitats and the associated business risks. Find out more >>


Natural Capital Finance Alliance (NCFA): WWF holds a spot on the steering committee of the NCFA (formerly the NCD) – a finance sector initiative of over 90 financial institutions and partner organisations, endorsed at CEO-level, to integrate natural capital considerations into loans, equity, fixed income and insurance products, as well as in accounting, disclosure and reporting frameworks.


Developing World Heritage policies in the finance sector: As providers of capital, banks have the power to invest in or lend to companies whose activities have the potential to cause damage to World Heritage sites. This poses great risk to unique ecosystems across the globe, unless banks have a specific and robust policy in place to protect against this. Now, WWF-UK together with WWF-Switzerland have produced a guide for banks on developing robust World Heritage site policies and implementation procedures. The full report is now available online here.