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Reinvigorate your eco-team!

Green teams  (or eco-teams) are great for motivating and engaging pupils. They help build communication, team skills, and confidence - important qualities if you're keen to get some great environmental projects going in your school!

Being part of WWF's Green Ambassador scheme provides everything you'll need to set up or re-invigorate your school's green team so your pupils can really take ownership of sustainability in your school. And that's not all: successful green teams can help reduce schools' carbon footprint and save money!

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Eleanor - Teacher of the year 2016 blog

Eleanor Walker, teacher at Victoria Park Primary School in Bristol ignites the passion in her pupils and her colleagues on all things eco.

Actually winning the Green Ambassador award was amazing! It was fantastic for some of my green team to come along to support me, to meet other ‘green’ schools and to celebrate all their hard work; I wouldn’t have been in a position to win the award without their enthusiasm to inspire me over the last few years – they really are a force for good.

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Green Ambassadors is fantastic. It's engaged both the children and the staff to become more confident and to enjoy their work outdoors. We wouldn't have been able to do what we've done in the school without the support of this wonderful project. Thank you!

St Mary's Catholic Primary School, London