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COP26: Our Climate Our Future

Held in recently in Glasgow, COP26 was one of the most important meetings on climate change that has ever taken place. And whilst the conference may be over, there are still lots of ways that schools can be part of the COP26 legacy.

26th Conference of the Parties (COP26)

Earlier this month leaders and climate leaders from around the world gathered in Glasgow for COP26 and discussed the urgent next steps in the fight against climate change. WWF were there, working hard to ensure that leaders stepped up and made the commitments needed, and we’ll carry on working hard to ensure that promises made are kept. Thanks to WWF and our partners, schools were a key part of the story of COP26, and we’re now committed to helping you to play a role in the COP26 legacy – shaping a sustainable future for our young people, and for all life on our planet.

Forest of Promises highlights

FREE COP26 resources for your school

The "Our Climate Our Future" COP26 classroom resources pack was created by a consortium of expert organisations chaired by WWF. Contributors include The Climate Coalition, Fairtrade Foundation, Oxfam, Global Action Plan, Christian Aid, Soil Association, Ashden, Young Climate Warriors, ZSL, Let’s Go Zero and InterClimate Network. Included within this pack are all the resources you will need to introduce and reinforce the significance of climate change, COP26 and the role of schools in shaping the future, with customised age-appropriate resources provided for different age groups from 7-16.

Resources for Primary ages 5 - 7

Resources for Primary ages 7 - 9

Resources for Primary ages 9 - 11

Resources for Secondary ages 11 +

Claim your certificate

Share details and photos of your COP26 activities to receive an official certificate of participation for your school, and to allow us to take your story to COP26.