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Why we work on seafood

The oceans are a vital source of food and livelihoods. Globally, over 800 million people also depend on fish for food and income.

NATURE - Roughly 94% of fish stocks are overfished (34%) or maximally sustainable fished (60%). This pressure negatively impacts marine ecosystems, limiting fish stocks’ ability to recover.

CLIMATE - Food production contributes to almost 60% of global biodiversity loss and produces at least 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Seafood forms part of the food production system and so can play a role in fixing these problems.  

PEOPLE - Seafood is an important animal protein source to 3.3 billion people worldwide and is also rich in other nutrients (such as iron and vitamin D), low in fat and an important source of omaga-3 and DHA.  

We envisage a world where all wild-caught and farmed seafood is harvested with little environmental impact while still meeting the demands of an ever-growing world population. We are making real progress.



Responsible fishing and aquaculture are not just better for our oceans and the people that depend on them; they’re better for business, too. Companies committing to responsible practices can reduce long-term risk, increase efficiency and tap into growing demand for sustainable seafood. We work across the entire seafood chain, from fishers and farmers to supermarkets and restaurants. We’re here to help businesses on their journey to sustainability.

We help companies to improve existing supply chains, increase transparency, and support source fisheries and farms as they strive for the higher standards set by the Marine Stewardship Council and Aquaculture Stewardship Council. By supporting Fisheries and Aquaculture Improvement Projects (FIPs/ AIPs), we hope to see change on the water to reach these standards.

Everyone can play their part; from consumers opting for sustainable seafood, to businesses following the principles of the WWF Seafood Charter. Together every link in every supply chain must pull in the same direction, to save our seas and safeguard this important industry for future generations.

Take a look at our video to learn how the our seafood charter is helping to support seafood businesses to improve their supply chains.

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