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Climate change and nature loss are two sides of the same coin – we can’t tackle one without the other. We all have the power to take action today; whether making positive changes at home or to our lives, or by putting pressure on governments and businesses to deliver on their climate promises.  

By uniting, we can help nature to thrive, safeguard our climate and protect future generations. We all have a part to play. This year, let’s make it count.   

Here are 22 ways you can help the planet...   

Runners in Edinburgh taking on beautiful park route

Challenge yourself…

1. Calculate your personal impact with our Footprint Calculator. The first step in making a difference is understanding the impact you’re having on the planet.  

2. Try different lifestyle challenges. Download our award-winning My Footprint app and set yourself goals to help build sustainable habits that are good for you and the planet.

3. Eat for the planet. Food production is not only the greatest driver of wildlife loss, but a major contributor to climate change. Read our 10 tips to eat more sustainably.  

4. Wear it Wild. Whether you’re at work, school or even at home - dig out your fiercest animal-inspired clothing and raise money to help protect our incredible world.

5. Be active and raise funds for vital conservation work. See our events calendar and pick from over 350 local challenges. 

King penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus), Antarctica.

Make your voices count...

6. Get in the know. Take a look at our knowledge hub to deep dive into some of our latest reports. From declining forest wildlife populations to the impact of packaging, the more we all know (and talk about) the challenges and solutions facing our planet, the better our chance of changing things!  

7. Track our leaders’ promises. We’ve been promised a better future – from a safer climate to healthy forests. See what progress is being made and help us make sure every promise is kept. Our ambassador Cel Spellman has shared some tips on how to speak to politicians. 

8. Become a Force for Nature. We’re on a mission with Sky Zero to protect UK nature and tackle climate change – add your name to join thousands of people who are coming together to be a powerful #ForceForNature.  

9. Inspire changes in your workplace. Wherever you work, whatever sector you work in, you can fight for your world. Start here and read about the actions all businesses can take to help build a sustainable future. 

10. Help us to secure #NatureForEveryone. Support our call on the Government to ensure that everyone, in every community across the country, has a legal right to nature.



A herd of walruses (Odobenus rosmarus) on an ice floe. Svalbard, Norway.

While you’re at home…

11. Become a walrus detective. We need your help to search for walrus in images from space, to learn more about how the climate crisis is affecting them. 

12. Learn about what’s happening in the Amazon and how to help. Destruction of the Amazon rainforest is at its highest level for 15 years. This affects all of us – and we can all play a part in its recovery. 

13. Join us by donating, becoming a member, or adopting an animal. Your support makes our work around the world possible. How you helped make a difference in 2021.  

14. Be inspired through art. Explore the Just Imagine virtual exhibition, featuring artworks that capture what a thriving future could look like for people and nature. 

15. Leave your legacy for the planet. We all want future generations to enjoy a world where people and nature thrive. By leaving a gift of any size in your will to WWF you can help support our vital work long into the future. Find out more.

16. Reduce your impact on the environment. Start by reading top 10 tips on how to save water or try turning down the temperature of your laundry wash.  

17. Get creative. Discover nature-inspired craft projects for all the family to enjoy, including an orangutan made from recycled materials, to a butterfly feeder and a roarsome tiger mask.

While you’re out and about…

18. Be inspired by voices for our planet. Listen to our Call of the Wild podcast where Cel Spellman is joined by special guests and conservation experts to dig deeper into the issues our planet is facing – and what we can do to help.  

19. Get to know your local wildlife. Many of us have spent more time than ever exploring nature on our doorstep during the pandemic. Use the Seek app to identify what you see. 

20. Make your garden wildlife friendly. Read our top tips on how to make your outside space work for nature. 

21. Green your supermarket shop. Download the Impact Score® Shopping app and scan items at the supermarket to see how ethical, sustainable, and healthy they are so you can make informed choices. 

22. Look after yourself. We've partnered with the Mental Health Foundation to create a guide filled with tips and tools for how all of us can connect with nature, to help us thrive.